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Remaining 2024 Trips


July 5th - July 13th


September 19th - 27th


November 11th - 19th


February 3rd - 11th 2025*

We are excited that you have decided to partner with us and go on a Mission Trip!

Have additional questions or want to know more about trips where registration is not open? Please fill out the interest form and one of our team members will be contact you.

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Julissa’s Story

Julissa played a part in the outreach and salvation of dozens of children on VIVE’s first High-Impact Mission trip in the Dominican Republic.


Do I need a passport?

All applicants must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the last day of the trip.

What are the requirements for a family mission trip?

The parent must be a VIVE member, and their children must be actively engaged in Royal Kids or VoxGen services. Parents when applying, add your child or youth on your application by selecting "add another person".

What are the prerequisites for a family mission trip?

To participate in all trips, one must be member of VIVE.

What does the price of the trip cover?

Trip expenses include costs for airfare, ground transportation, lodging, meals, travel insurance, administrative fees, and other on-location expenses.

Do I pay for my trip all at once?

You have the option to follow a payment plan, which includes milestones, to pay for your trip.

Are the team meetings mandatory?

To be an active team member, you must attend all meetings. Missing a meeting may effect your trip participation.

How do I access my account after I apply for the trip?

To ensure approval for your upcoming trip, please note that all applications will be reviewed. Once approved, you will have seven days to pay your deposit and secure your spot. Once these steps are completed, an account will be created for you. You can access your account by visiting vivechurch.gomethod.app. Your username will be the email address you provided in your application. In case you need to reset your password, simply click on the "Forgot Password" button. Once you log in, you will be able to access all the trip information.

If I am from a campus outside the Bay Area, does the total cost include airfare to San Francisco?

US-based travelers are required to depart from VIVE HQ located in Mountain View. However, if you belong to another VIVE campus in the US, you will have to arrange your own transportation and accommodation to and from VIVE HQ. On the other hand, applicants from Europe can depart from their respective home countries.

How do I fundraise?

If you want to raise funds for your high-impact mission trip, you will need to put in some effort and be consistent in your approach. One way to achieve this is by creating personalized social media posts and reaching out to friends, family, and church members through text messages, letters, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations. It is important to share your reasons for going on this trip with donors and explain the purpose behind it. To do so, you can click on the "Trip Story" option on the left drop-down menu and write a paragraph explaining why you are going on this trip. This paragraph will then appear on your personal donation link, which you can share on your social media profiles.


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