You can activate the principle of tithing in your life today. Select the GIVE button below to give to VIVE Church.


Which giving option should I choose?

Tithes & Offerings is the fund where you give your 10% which goes into VIVE Church operating budget. Vision is sows into the expansion and acceleration of VIVE church vision. Check out for more details of the vision.

What is the benefit of setting up recurring giving for my tithe?

Your generosity builds the local church, so if you are ever out of town or forget to give, you can be confident that you are still giving.

Will I receive a giving statement?

Yes, we will provide you a giving statement in the beginning of the year. Our ability to do so requires us to have the most up to date contact information. Please be sure to update it here.

Do you accept corporate matching?

We do! Some companies will match their employees up to a certain amount with their gifts to a nonprofit organization. Reach out to your HR team or look up HERE to see if your company will match your giving to VIVE Church. Reach out to for more information and questions.

If have more questions about giving, where would I ask?
What is the deadline for annual giving contributions?

Cash and check donations must be received or postmarked by December 31st. Online transactions must be initiated by 11:59 PST on December 31st.

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